"We involved Ricks Advertising from the start, and had then yet to decide on a name. Twenty and some years down the road our brand is well known and respected nationwide. We can, and sometimes do rely on the fact that we can call on their service 24/7".

- Peter van Dijk, CEO Sranan Fowru n.v. -

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As a full service media agency, we help you succeed in a world of digital media. Over the past few decades we have provided our services to various well known local companies and multinationals. We have just recently acquired Radio One 103.1FM, please click on 103.1FM in the navigation bar for more info.

"Being responsible for multiple companies and brands means I need to rely on an agency that never fails to deliver on a promise. To stick to budget and to be on time, on meetings and on air to deliver our message. We need results, not excuses. Ricks Advertising has made my job a lot easier.

- Shariat Hasrat, Cemdee International and Coral Suriname-

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​"We hired Ricks Advertising to produce Dutch versions of our TV and radio commercials  within international standards set by our brand, and handle placement on air. We could not be happier with the result. We trust their expertise, they proved to be able to deliver our message" .
– Popeyes Suriname Management -

​​Ricks Advertising & Production n.v.